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Virtual Cemetery for Animals - Service description

When I was a little girl, I developed a wonderful contact with animals and I think that a lot of people understand the strength of the bond which ties a person to their beloved dog, which in time becomes a faithful member of the family. As a child, my parents used to tell me that we couldn’t have a dog because we lived in a block of flats, but they agreed to a guinea-pig. I was very fond of watching him carefully when he chewed straw. Moreover, we got very used to each other, the guinea-pig was happy when he saw me, and I, as the youngest child, at least had something to look after and put on my knees. Until today, I can’t forget the pain I felt when my pet passed away.
We are all different, so there are people who are faster to accept the fact that a close member of their family has died, but there are also those who have serious difficulties in finding an appropriate way to help them to accept the loss of their pet. There is no perfect solution but the thread of understanding between a human-being and his dog or cat and can remain and be cherished even after the pet passes beyond the Rainbow Bridge. When our pets are gone some memories remain, which we can divide between the graveyard and the forum. There are also pictures, movies and selected quotations to insert so that they will be remembered forever. Bunches of flowers, candles and precious stones show that we didn’t forget about those who passed away and we keep them in mind. And although, as we well know, the river of progress does not flow straight and regular, and its waters sometimes extensively overflow, over time the direction of change is steady and we can be sure that such a trend will continue. Many species of animals have burial ceremonies which surprisingly resemble our own.

Nowadays, zoologists are eager to confirm the opinion that animals are able to fear death and they feel severe pain after bereavement, too. Animals need time to pay their last respects to their beloved ones. What’s more, some species already have burial ceremonies which surprisingly resemble ours. This doesn’t happen only in the case of the most advanced species – dolphins or apes, but also when we consider birds that, until recently, we had assumed to be not very smart. Magpies, on witnessing the death of their kin, firstly approach the body one by one and they softly peck it as if they want to check that it has indeed passed away. Then the magpies fly a bit further away and pick up tufts of dry grass to put over the dead bird "/…/ they can muster sympathy and empathy all together.’’ – says Dr Bekoff. No graveyards make such an impression on people as elephant cemeteries. Today, it is known that they were built by live elephants, which gathered the bones of the close members of their families in one place, along with all those which had been dead a long time before. Elephants visit their cemeteries just as people do. Moreover, they cherish not only the dead remains of their kin, but they also understand and suffer their passing away. Scientists described the case of an elephant named Eleanor which one day suddenly collapsed. Grace, an elephant from a second group, noticed this and quickly ran to help Eleanor to stand steadily with her own body. She helped her to get up and assisted her until the next collapse, from which Eleanor didn’t manage to stand up. Grace accompanied Eleanor until her moment of death, which came on the next day. One thing is certain: the deep emotions which assist dying animals to survive are as strong as ours. Feel free to use this service and visit the website of the cemetery, which is organized in categories. If you want to bury your pet, you need to make a payment and read the Terms of Service. I hope the website will develop thanks to your frequent visits.

I look forward to any helpful suggestions.