Terms of Service



  1. These rules and guidelines shall be complied with by all the registered users of the internet
    forum located at www.animalheaven.pl
  2. When registering at the forum, the user accepts all these rules and guidelines and their subsequent amendments and when logging in, he/she agrees to strictly comply with them.
  3. All the comments, opinions, and posts posted at the forum express private views of the users. Neither the administrator nor the moderator bear any responsibility for the content of such opinions. If any of the forum posts violate these rules and guidelines, please notify the moderator or the administrator.


  1. Each user has the right to use a single account (nick) at the forum. Using two accounts simultaneously is prohibited and may result in both of them being removed. A new account (nick) may be registered only following one’s resignation from the previous account at administrator’s consent. When using another person’s account (if you share a computer), sign with your own nick or initials.
  2. You must not lend your account to any banned person. Such behaviour will result in a ban proportional to the ban of the person you lent your account to.
  3. If it is suspected that some accounts were registered to violate these rules and guidelines or to introduce confusion, they will be removed without notice.
2. You are not allowed to:
  1. spam
     - multiple posts with the same contents (links, photographs, seasonal cards, unwanted messages sent to private accounts) are considered spam
  2. troll
    - nuisance spam and posts aimed at trolling will be deleted – together with their author if he/she unfailingly continues to provide spam or to troll.
  3. It is forbidden to offend the moderator or the administrator of the www.animalheaven.pl forum. Each instance of such an activity will be punished with an immediate ban.
  1. If you want to present your opinion on someone/something, make sure that it is based on your own experience, supported with proofs, and signed with your full name. Other opinions are not credible. Anonymous criticism will be deleted – therefore think before you start to criticise someone using their name or in a manner clearly allowing identification of such a person. Publishing personal data, including phone numbers and addresses, as well as other persons’ private messages, is not allowed.
  1. Multiplication of topics – before starting a new thread, check whether a given topic has not been started yet, using the browser at the top of the page. Repeated topics will be deleted or combined, unless moderator decides otherwise.
  2. Titles of threads – when starting a new thread, provide it with a legible, clear title, so that other users know what is discussed – otherwise it will be deleted.
  3. Place your post in the appropriate subforum.

  1. It is prohibited to write posts which are:
    - offensive
    - obscene
    -  illegal
     - or are advertisements.
  2. Posts signed by one user, one after the other, will be combined, unless moderator decides otherwise. The above does not apply to photoblogs.
  3. Excessive use of emoticons, print, or colourful fonts is forbidden – nuisance posts will be modified or deleted.
  4. The colour green is reserved for the moderator and administrator.
  5. Before sending a post, use the preview function – it will let you notice any shortcomings, spelling mistakes, etc.. If you fail to use the preview option and spot mistakes in the post, use the "edit" option in the right bottom corner of your post.
  1. The maximum size of the photo/image is 640x640 pixels. Larger images must be provided in a link. Despite the installed script decreasing the size of photos, moderators will change photos exceeding the maximum allowed size into links.
  2. Do not quote photos which have already been posted. If  necessary, link them.
  3. One post may contain the maximum of 5 photos
  4. Introduce space between photos so that they do not blend together. Photos which violate these rules and guidelines will be deleted or changed to links.
    If it is problematic for you to determine the size of your image, your mod will help you.
  1. Maximum size: 500x100 pixels (including banners with the text).
  2. Animated signatures are not allowed. Being a part of your post, your signature must also comply with these rules and guidelines. There is one exception: signatures may include content or links which would normally be considered advertising. Services with addresses banned by administrators must not be advertised. However, in this case the appearance of the signature must still be consistent with the above principles.
    - one user may create one gallery
    - in this section galleries are created by those users who have several dogs of different breeds and other animals;
    - galleries in groups are created by users who own purebred dogs or non-pedigree dogs or mongrels – those users who do not want to have a gallery on Photoblogs, but have several dogs of different breeds, may choose between one common gallery of a group of their choice, or a separate gallery for each of their dogs at the group to which they have been added.
  1. When posting photographs, avatars or other materials, remember about copyright and do not post anything without its author’s consent or anything which is reserved.
  2. When writing a post, you agree to its publication at the www.animalheaven.pl service. At the same time, you declare that you are conscious of the fact that such a message becomes a part of the service and its removal may be impossible.
  3. Removal of posts or photos from threads is forbidden. It causes illegibility of the thread and may be    punished with a ban, depending on the losses caused in the thread.
  1. Should be reported to the moderator or administrator to their PM. Before reporting a problem/question, check FAQ at the top of the page.
  2. Reporting is performed with the help of the “report a bad post" function.
  3. Report your request/problem to moderator first. If you fail to receive a reply within 12 hours, write to the administrator. Reporting one problem several times at short intervals to two persons simultaneously generates chaos and unnecessary confusion.
  4. All doubts and comments concerning the manner of moderation should only be reported to moderator’s PM. Posts with comments concerning the manner of moderation will be deleted. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
  5. Cases which cannot be resolved in compliance with these rules and guidelines as well as bans for users will be analysed individually and decisions will be taken by majority of votes by the moderator and the administrator.
  6. Apart from the above, rules of netiquette are to be followed at the forum.
     Intentional violation of these rules and guidelines will be punished with a temporary or permanent ban for the user.


  1. Moderator has the right to:
     a) manage threads, posts and signatures which break these rules and guidelines, are not acceptable to forum Administration or are sources of conflict or arguments between the users without notice;
     b) ban users who infringe moderator’s personal dignity, offend him/her or question his/her authority in any way;
     c) actively participate in interesting discussions. Apart from his/her function, he/she is a user like other users.
  2. Moderator is obliged to:
     a) abide by these rules and guidelines
    b) remove offensive, obscene or illegal content from posts.
  3. Moderator may:
    a)remove posts, threads and signatures,
    b) edit (moderate) posts,
    c)combine threads,
    d) divide threads,
    e)transfer threads,
    f)block (close) threads,
    g) reprimand users for their improper behaviour,
    h) participate in interesting discussions, and inform the forum administrator about flagrant or frequent violation of these rules and guidelines, netiquette or the law.
  4. Moderator is not obliged to:
    a) discuss the decisions which have already been taken,
    b) play archaeologist and dig through old threads,
    c) spend 24h a day at the forum. He/she may do it at his/her own discretion, time permitting. Apart from his/her function, the Moderator has his/her own private life, so please do not expect him/her to be at your service for 24 hours 7 days a week.
  5. Moderator is unable to:
    a) activate accounts of new users,
    b) change nicks,
    c) combine accounts,
    d) solve technical problems,
    e) activate users’ subscription options,
    f) call users from his/her own telephone to determine any details, or solve conflicts.


  1. Please direct all the correspondence, complaints, etc. to service owner’s email: info@animalheaven.pl