Price list

Virtual Cemetery for Animals - Service Price List

Attention – the offer applies until June 2016

Until June 2016 laying animals to rest is free of charge. All graves are added termless.


Service Price List from 01.01.2016

  1. Entry in the database – free of charge

  2. VIP grave (designed especially for you by a computer graphics artist) – the minimum fee is 369 PLN including tax (the final price a constituent fixes with a graphic).

  3. Purchase of 1 extra item: bunches of flowers, candles, precious stones:

    For 1 day - free of charge

    For 14 days – 5,15PLN with VAT  (3 euro)

    For 30 days – 10,98PLN with VAT  (6 euro)

    For 180 days – 24,40PLN with VAT  (14 euros)

    Permanent – 61,00PLN with VAT    (29 euros)

  4. One-time purchase of 2 extra items, not necessarily the same:

    For  4 days – 7,61PLN with VAT  (7 euro)

    For 30 days – 15,45PLN with VAT (15 euros)

    For 180 days – 36,90PLN with VAT (30 euros)

    Permanent – 76,95PLN with VAT (60 euros)

From 01.06.2016 payments can be made by standard transfer and from May it will be possible by use of the PayPal system.