I appeal to you to transfer donation to our account. Each slightest amount of money being paid-up either in the Post Office or directly on our website push us to meet our target. We wish to buy the recreational land in the region of Tri-City. People could go freely for a walk with their pets there. They might have some fun together and meet other animal friends. Besides, people could form more friendships.

The account number to transfer the money:

ul. Swiemirowska 12

81-877 Sopot


The Bank Account :

IBAN PL36 1750 0012 0000 0000 3098 9694




All member and sponsor donations received go directly back into hosting and maintaining the website. Any overages available after paying for the costs involved to run the site each year will be donated to our animal shelters from where animals will start to have graves in our cemetery.
If you would like to support our website there are some ways you can help...

  1. Make a cash donation via Paypal

    You can donate any amount you wish via, a fast and easy online payment website that lets you use your credit card, debit card, even your checking or savings account to make a donation at no additional charge to you.

    It takes nothing more than a few clicks to get started. Use the "Donate" button beneath to offer your support now.

    Thank you for your support !

  2. Purchase a VIP grave for a dog hero or  buy a candle for already deeply resting pet.

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